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Child Development

How often has your child spared a pen by not taking its parts apart? You could say that they do that to pens or any other objects because they do not know what they are actually used for. But then, it is also possible that they know the use of the objects and are curious to learn what is making the objects work the way they do. Either way, the curiosity evidences point to children’s capability to think scientifically.

Classroom and School Display – a Guide for Teachers

When you reminisce incidents of your school days, you might picture a backdrop of the long corridors; spread out, sandy playground; row of similar classrooms; unkempt blackboards; and heavily equipped science labs. While most of your memories might hover over these items/places, you may sometimes even be reminded of the cluttered office and staff rooms that you used to visit for getting some work done.

Issues And Advice

Top Discipline Mistakes Teachers Make

It was a good 10 minutes since Deborah had entered the classroom and there was no sign of the children dialing down. Even her instructions and protests to get the children to be quiet were only faintly heard — such was the noise the grade 3 students made. Have you had to counter any such situation? What do you think Deborah did wrongly here?
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