A Warm Welcome to Education


At SSD, we believe education is a natural ‘give and take’ where we learn as much from children as they from us; that our children transform us as we transform them..

We know that the joy of learning is the natural gift of a child and we provide an environment for them to hone it.


A school that emanates a happy atmosphere which is reflected in the exuberance of its students. This comes about if they are dealt with care, concern and love by their teachers. With the world becoming a global village, today's generation has to compete on a much tougher platform and thats precisely why a world class education is critical for success...


At KNC we are having different learning spaces to enhance the skills of our students.

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“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength,the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hardwork.”


  • “Caring” shown in the School towards the student is “Excellent”. My daughter has improved a lot compared to Ist, IInd & III terms. She had improved in reading, writing and drawing. The teachers are excellent in giving and sharing the knowledge to the student. They make the children understand and know the subject. Overall the School is “Excellent”
  • My daughter Shammita has been improving in terms of Bookish & General Knowledge. I would like to see more progress in her communication skills. i.e, she should become more confident and should be able to find it easy to speak English, specially when she interacts with people other than the family members. I know it’s a gradual process but would expect it soon in schools like SSD School where the teachers are well educated and are very good in communication. I like the way the sports are conducted and hope this would continue. There is one thing which we feel is really required, We need to make sure that the child appreciates the value of education and its inherent values.
  • I am mother of Jophia Irene, PP II student. She started her schooling during June, 2012 with a pleasant welcome by Mrs. Jayasree and Mrs. Malathi mam. They reviewed Irene’s progress and gave me the strength to go forward. When Irene was in PP I, she was nicely trained up for the school atmosphere by both her teachers Mrs. Jayasree and Mrs.Roshell. As this institute is giving comfort to the kids with pleasant atmosphere, Irene was easily adjusted, slowly got interested and soon she started going to school with full of joy. Teaching patterns are very nice. It is helping the children to learn the things easily with real time examples instead of just theory like normal school. With all the masters effort, Irene successfully completed PP I and entered into PP II


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